Rules & Information

General Information

1. All competitions are open to high school and ROP students within Tulare and Kings counties.

2. Registration for all competitors and alternates must be completed online by March 11, 2022Late entries will not be accepted.

3. The EXPO Committee has the right to limit the entries based on facilities available. Entries will be limited to eight participants per school per event unless otherwise stated in the contest description. A preliminary competition may be required at the individual school site.

4. An event may be canceled if there are fewer than three schools competing, if the competition lacks a chairperson, or for other unexpected circumstances. The EXPO Committee will notify participants if an event is canceled or changed.

5. Reasonable precautions will be taken to protect materials and equipment brought by the competitor; however, the EXPO Committee WILL NOT be responsible for loss or damage. All items brought to the contest by the competitors should be clearly marked with the participant’s name, address and/or school.

6. Some events will take place on the COS Tulare Center Campus.  If it is a TCC location, this will be shown when you register students for a competition.  One shuttle bus will be provided to travel students from the COS Visalia Campus to the COS Tulare Center Campus. You may elect to ride the shuttle or arrange your own transportation back to the Visalia Campus for the exhibitors and awards ceremony.

7. The presentation of award medals will be held on Friday, April 1, 2022 after the events are completed. The exact time and location will be announced that day.  No indications of placement in the contests will be provided before the awards ceremony.

Event Rules

1. All sponsoring teachers will receive a confirmed list of students entered in events and any special instructions from the EXPO Committee prior to the competition. Roll call will be taken at each competition – students not registered WILL NOT be allowed to participate! 

2. All students must be accompanied by a teacher chaperone and must remain on the COS campus for the duration of the EXPO. It will be the responsibility of the individual schools to monitor their students.

3. Disruptive or inappropriate behavior exhibited by students may result in dismissal from event.


Questions regarding College and Career EXPO should be directed to Therese Arnold at Tulare County Office of Education. She can be reached by e-mail at or by phone at (559) 733-6101.

Questions regarding registration should be directed to Ruth McFarren at Kings County Office of Education. She can be reached by e-mail at or by phone at (559) 589-7026.