How to Register

1. Review competition specifications to determine which students you should register for each event.

2. You will only be able to register students for one competition per email address.  If you would like to register additional students or register students for an additional event, you will need to complete another registration form using another email address.

3. When you are selecting the competition, please note the number of students allowed to register per school and whether it is a team or individual competition, as you will select this for each student you register.

4. You are also allowed to register two (2) alternates for each competition.

5. Roll call will be taken at each competition – students/alternates not registered WILL NOT be allowed to participate! 

6. Some events will take place on the COS Tulare Center Campus.  If it is a TCC location, this will be shown when you select the competition.  One shuttle bus will be provided to travel students from the COS Visalia Campus to the COS Tulare Center Campus. You may elect to ride the shuttle or arrange your own transportation back to the Visalia Campus for the exhibitors and awards ceremony.

7. Look for a confirmation email after you complete registration.  When you receive this, verify all information is correct.  If you have any questions or changes, please contact the person on the confirmation email.

8. SPECIAL NOTE: The Gas Company Entrepreneurship Challenge requires a special registration process.  If you would like to register students for that event, more information will provided when registration opens on January 21, 2020.