Our Approach

The Tulare Kings College and Career Collaborative is a regional collaborative of K-12 school districts, post-secondary institutions, and workforce development partners. We foster relationships across these segments through data driven strategies, high quality career pathway development, work-based learning experiences, college and career readiness shared outcomes and structures, and transitional alignment to provide students with the greatest potential for their success.


Regional Hub of Excellence


Our Linked Learning work has earned us the designation of a regional hub of excellence, where all partners are active and united – based on a shared interest in, and need for, young people to succeed.

Student Success Defined:

  • Completion of high school on time.
  • Earn post-secondary credential by age 25.
  • Engage in work that can sustain a family.

ARCHES Collaborative


The ARCHES Alliance is a partnership of intersegmental regional collaboratives that are committed to closing opportunity and resource barriers for students in California. The Tulare Kings College and Career Collaborative was honored to have been chosen to be a member of the ARCHES Alliance, due to our work to connect K12 school districts, community colleges, four-year higher education institutions, as well as workforce and industry partners across the TK region.

Our History


Established in 2013, as the Tulare Kings Linked Learning Consortium through an award of a $15 million Career Pathways Trust grant, this partnership focused on developing linked learning academies across 11 school districts in Tulare and Kings County high schools.

Strong collaboration with local community colleges and workforce investment boards created many opportunities for students to participate in work-based learning experiences and connect with post-secondary options.

In 2018, transitioned from a grant-funded consortium to a regional partnership by expanding to include all college and career readiness strategies, such as high quality career pathways.

Our partners have committed to sustaining this partnership because of the value of this ongoing collaboration and believing that we are better together.  The Tulare County Office of Education College and Career Team convenes our partners around priority outcomes to continue our momentum and collective impact.

We now call ourselves the Tulare Kings College + Career Collaborative.