Redwood High School | All American High School Film Festival

Redwood High School represented at the All American High School Film Festival in Brooklyn, NY

At the Kings Theater in Brooklyn New York, The Redwood Rangers were represented by two students, Josh Glass and Aiden Kempf, as official selections to the All American High School Film Festival. Glass was selected for three video projects; 2 Sports highlights and one for Broadcasting highlight. One sports highlight was Called “Cowhide “and the other was called, “What do you show them”. The Cowhide sports highlight was a Slick Rock winner last May, where Josh has revived two Coveted Slick Rock Awards. The other video features Aiden and his co cart racing highlights. Kempf was Rated #2 in the nation in 2018 for Go-cart racing. This “What do you show them” video was the big winner at The All American Film Festival, in the Sports Highlight Category. The other two videos where in the top 4 selection. Schools from all 50 states, Canada and even Taiwan where in attendance. Mr Henshaw the Digital Media Instructor at Redwood said,”The competition was really strong in all categories.” Glass had submitted the Racing highlight at Slick Rock but it fell short. He went back to the drawing board and added voice over and sound EFX to enhance the video. His hard work paid off and he come home with the big win! Over 2000 videos were submitted. Many film schools where on hand to recruit from the pool of top Digital film producers. Glass got a special invite to apply from the number two film school in the nation, New York University. Glass has not decided on what school but is applying to USC, UCLA, LMU, Chapman, NYU and a few others. Redwood is preparing for another season of film festivals and competitions.